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Eldon Buchanan – Part 2: From Trauma, Divorce, & Despair to Hope & The Atonement

This weeks episode deals with some difficult topics, which include the lingering effects of trauma, infidelity, excommunication, divorce, and multiple suicide attempts.  If you have kids under 15 or 16, we recommend that you watch or listen to this episode first before sharing it...

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Finding Hope after the Loss of a Father and Child: Eldon Buchanan’s Story

In this episode, Eldon Buchanan shares his story of how the loss of his father at a young age, and the tragic loss of his 11 year-old son helped him to better understand and appreciate the importance of faith and hope in our Heavenly...

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Facing Certain Death & Given the Choice to Stay or Go: Jerry Paskett’s Story

In 2021, Jerry Paskett was hospitalized with COVID, and soon deteriorated to the point that his organs started shutting down and he was on the verge of death. It was during this time that Jerry had an out-of-body experience, and was ultimately given a...

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Overcoming Trauma & PTSD with God’s Help – A Detective’s Journey: Glen Williams’ Story

Glen Williams spent 26 years in law enforcement, risking his life every day to serve his community.  Unfortunately, the pressures of his job created a lot of trauma, leading to self-destructive behavior and PTSD – ultimately hurting his marriage and family relationships. After his...

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A Terrible Car Accident, Jail & The Good Samaritans: Jordan & Jenifer Brooks’ Story

Jordan and Jenifer Brooks were wrapping up a fun anniversary trip in Mexico, when a truck suddenly swerved in front of them, forcing them to crash and roll their car. Badly hurt in a foreign country, Jenifer was forced to go to the hospital...

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Seeing God’s Miracles Through a Camera Lens: Mark Poetker’s Story

In this weeks episode, Mark Poetker shares his story of how his love for photography has helped him to see God’s miracles throughout his life – including how he and his wife met, and a special promise from an apostle. *** Please SHARE Mark’s...

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Show Hosts

Meet Scott Brandley and Alisha Coakley – two long-time friends who never thought they would ever do a podcast.  Here’s to thinking…


Scott Brandley

I’m a husband, father, Latter-Day Saint, business owner, wannabe golfer, philanthropist, podcaster, and author.

alisha coakley 600x500

Alisha Coakley

I’m a proud mom of 3, wife, business woman, Leukemia survivor, music lover, podcaster, Latter-Day Saint, author, and coach.

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