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Every member has a compelling story that can brighten the lives of others. We bring those stories to life, and empower people just like you to boldly share their shining light with the rest of the world.


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Finding Your Talents & Using Them to Share the Gospel: Gordon Buttars’ Story

In this episode, Gordon Buttars shares some of the difficult trials and challenges he’s faced throughout his life, and how God was there to help him and his family get through them. He also shares how, while in his 50’s, he discovered an incredible...

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Unwavering Faith Despite Persecution, Trials & Challenges: Thomas Holton’s Story

What would you do if someone set your house on fire for being a member of the church? Or, what if an entire gang barged into your home and threatened to kill you because you’re LDS? Join us this week as Thomas Holton shares...

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Part 2 – Faith, Prayer & Miracles Saved Their Missionary’s Life! Stan & Eryn Gibson’s Story

This week, Stan & Eryn Gibson share the incredible story of how their son literally died on his mission, and the countless miracles that surrounded his life being saved. If you don’t believe in faith, prayer, and miracles you need to watch this episode!...

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An LDS Marriage “Arranged” by God? Who knew!: Stan & Eryn Gibson’s Story

In this episode, Stan and Eryn Gibson share their funny, heart-warming love story that defies the odds. They affectionately joke that they had an “arranged marriage” by God, but there’s no doubt that when you hear their story, He definitely had a big part...

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DNA Test Unveils a Shocking 57-Year-Old Family Secret: Randy Lindsay’s Story

What if you woke up one day to discover that you weren’t who you thought you were? In this weeks episode, Randy Lindsay shares the story of how a simple DNA test uncovered a 57 year-old family secret that rocked him to his core...

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Faith, Family & Battling Multiple Sclerosis: Stephanie & Niels Poulsen’s Story

In this episode, Stephanie and Niels Poulsen share their incredible story of faith and trusting in the Lord while weathering challenging storms in their lives, including Stephanie’s diagnosis and difficult battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Throughout their story, Stephanie and Niels reveal the divine guidance...

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Show Hosts

Meet Scott Brandley and Alisha Coakley – two long-time friends who never thought they would ever do a podcast.  Here’s to thinking…


Scott Brandley

I’m a husband, father, Latter-Day Saint, business owner, wannabe golfer, philanthropist, podcaster, and author.

alisha coakley 600x500

Alisha Coakley

I’m a proud mom of 3, wife, business woman, Leukemia survivor, music lover, podcaster, Latter-Day Saint, author, and coach.

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