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Guiding The Youth Towards Positive Mental Heath: Jeff Howard’s Story

Note: This episode discusses various issues that our youth are facing today, including suicide and how to recognize and help those who may be struggling; however, the overall message is positive, and emphasizes faith and hope. —– In this episode, Jeff Howard, a high-school...

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Sharing More About His NDE – A Year of Reflection: Jerry Paskett Returns to Latter-Day Lights

In this special follow-up episode, Jerry Paskett shares more information about his near-death experience, his recovery, the psychological battles endured, and the patience and perseverance that have become an integral part of his life. Jerry also shares some of the spiritual insights and lessons...

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A Tragic Car Accident & Overcoming Incredible Odds Through Faith & Prayer – Shanna Arnold’s Story

When Shanna was 15, she and two friends were in a terrible car accident where her best friend passed away and Shanna was in a coma for three and a half months with bleak prospects of ever recovering. But through the faith, prayers, and...

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Navigating Life’s Storms and Finding Hope, Faith, and Redemption: Carl Hovey’s Story

In this episode, Carl Hovey shares several difficult challenges that he has faced throughout his life, from his family losing their home and being forced to live in a tire shed, to his brother unexpectedly dying from cancer as a young boy, to being...

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Celebrating the Savior Through Music: Andy Lloyd’s Story

In this weeks episode, professional organist and composer Andy Lloyd shares his love and passion for creating beautiful, timeless organ compositions centered around the life, death, and resurrection of the Savior. Andy’s celebrated works have graced the halls of many famous concert halls and...

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Jesus Christ: Easter Glory – Easter Music for the Soul by Nathan R. Bradford

In this episode leading up to Easter, Nathan R. Bradford tells the story of how he was inspired to compose the touching album “Jesus Christ: Easter Glory” and how it can bring us all closer to the Savior leading up to His death and...

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Show Hosts

Meet Scott Brandley and Alisha Coakley – two long-time friends who never thought they would ever do a podcast.  Here’s to thinking…


Scott Brandley

I’m a husband, father, Latter-Day Saint, business owner, wannabe golfer, philanthropist, podcaster, and author.

alisha coakley 600x500

Alisha Coakley

I’m a proud mom of 3, wife, business woman, Leukemia survivor, music lover, podcaster, Latter-Day Saint, author, and coach.

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