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How to Have True, Lasting Freedom From Pornography: Kyson Kidd’s Story

This is an AMAZING podcast for anyone who is currently struggling or who knows someone who may be struggling with pornography addiction. In this episode welcomes Kyson Kid lays bare his fight against pornography addiction and the profound transformation that unfolded as he learned...

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Embracing the Sacred Journey of Motherhood: Sandra Howell’s Story

When Sandra Howell faced the daunting reality of her twins’ premature birth at only 26 weeks, and her own life hanging in the balance, it was more than a challenge; it was a journey into the true meaning of life, and the importance of...

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The Mormon Wolf of Wall Street – From Prison to Redemption: Shane Baldwin’s Story

Shane Baldwin’s fascinating life story reads like a movie script – from the heights of success and prosperity to losing everything and serving 5 years in prison – ultimately finding purpose and redemption in the journey through helping others and sharing the gospel. In...

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From Bosnian War Refugee to Latter-Day Saint: Dejan Tahic’s Story

When Dejan was a young boy in Bosnia, his parents sent he and his sister away to escape a war that was sweeping their country. Then suddenly the border closed, making it impossible for them to be reunited with their parents. They had to...

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How a Youth Group on Pioneer Trek Survived a Deadly Storm: Elaine Pence’s Story

It seemed just like any other day in Nauvoo, Illinois. But as Elaine passed a group of youth on a pioneer trek on her way to her home, she noticed some dark, ominous clouds on the horizon. Little did she know that one of...

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Loving and Serving Others With… Chocolate Cake??: Ken Williams’ Story

In this episode, Ken Williams shares his story of how he serves those around him by making chocolate cake, and how it has helped him to come much closer to his friends and neighbors, and closer to God. Ken’s chocolate cake stories will both...

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Show Hosts

Meet Scott Brandley and Alisha Coakley – two long-time friends who never thought they would ever do a podcast.  Here’s to thinking…


Scott Brandley

I’m a husband, father, Latter-Day Saint, business owner, wannabe golfer, philanthropist, podcaster, and author.

alisha coakley 600x500

Alisha Coakley

I’m a proud mom of 3, wife, business woman, Leukemia survivor, music lover, podcaster, Latter-Day Saint, author, and coach.

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