Devin Cummins

Embracing Life: Devin Cummins’ Inspiring Tales from Jerusalem

In this special episode, Devin Cummins shares some of the unforeseen obstacles, challenges, and trials, along with several blessings and “God Winks” he’s experienced during his travels across Cambodia, Vietnam, Dubai, and even Jerusalem – which is where we caught up with him. Devin’s travels definitely give you a different view of the world we…

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The Spiritual Awakening of a Marine – An Unexpected Journey: Devin Cummins Story

In this episode, Devin Cummins talks about his life as a marine, and his journey in the military and law enforcement.  He also shares some of his most difficult and darkest times, and how the prompting of a bishop helped to save his life. Devin’s story, while seasoned with challenges and trials, is also steeped…

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