LDS addiction recovery

Triumphing Over Addiction and Embracing Self-Love: Trevor Heninger’s Story

In this episode, Trevor Heninger shares his remarkable journey of triumph over a 30-year battle with addiction, and how the practice of self-love was the compass that guided him through his darkest hours. His story is a testament to the transformative power of the atonement through compassion, forgiveness, and brotherhood. Trevor also shares his inspiration…

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Breaking the Chains of Addiction and Finding Redemption: Michael Slade’s Story

Have you ever found yourself trapped in the clutches of addiction, feeling powerless and beyond redemption? On today’s episode, we share an inspiring conversation with Michael Slade, a man who found the strength to break free from the chains of addiction and rebuild his life. Michael’s story of overcoming his past and reconnecting with his…

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L. Scott Jackman’s Story – Dealing With and Overcoming Addiction

In this episode, L. Scott Jackman gets personal, and shares his battle in overcoming an addiction to pornography, and the personal and family challenges and trials that this addiction created over the years. While this is a difficult topic to address, L. Scott feels driven to help others who also may be struggling, and has…

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