LDS Mental Health

Through Childhood Trauma and a Life of Trials, God Was with Her: Deb Fryer’s Story

From the moment she was born Deb’s life was hard.  Unwanted and raised in a home where her mother suffered from mental illness, Deb’s childhood was very dark and lonely.  However, at her lowest points God was with her, and as a young adult, He led her half way across the world on an incredible…

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Behind Closed Doors – Married to a Man Suffering From Mental Illness: Marliss Brockington’s Story

In this episode, Marliss Brockington shares her heart wrenching story of being married to a man suffering with mental illness, which led to a tumultuous relationship of abuse, and years of painful struggles.  However, through it all, Marliss was able to hold on to her faith, and find glimmers of light and hope even in…

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Overcoming Mental Health Challenges Through Christ: Clarissa Brandley’s Story

In this episode, Clarissa Brandley shares her story of how as a young adult, she silently struggled with mental health issues that ultimately led to thoughts of suicide – all without her parents or friends ever knowing. Ultimately she was able to confide in a missionary companion, who fortunately went against her wishes and helped…

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