Mormon Stories

Lisa Plumb’s Story – Surviving Sexual Abuse and Her Life’s Mission to Help Others

In today’s episode, Lisa Plumb shares her heartbreaking story of how she was sexually abused as a child, and how her discovery of the church helped her find the hope, peace, and inner strength she needed to break the bonds of abuse and help other victims. Please share this with your friends and loved ones,…

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Dusty Smith’s Story – His 26-Year Fight AGAINST The Church, And How He Came Back!

This is the TRUE STORY of Dusty Smith.  If there’s ever been a podcast to watch or listen to, this is it!!! Dusty’s story is so incredible that it was actually shared in General Conference by President Uchtdorf in 2016. Dusty joined the church as convert, went on a mission, left the church, actively fought against…

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