Temple Experiences

Special 20th Episode – Scott & Alisha Share Spiritual Insights from Their First 19 Episodes

On this Special 20th Episode of Latter-Day Lights, co-hosts Scott Brandley and Alisha Coakley recount many of the incredible stories and personal, faith-promoting insights that their guests have shared in the first 19 episodes of the show. You don’t want to miss it! Please share this episode with your friends and loved ones on social…

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Nick Taylor’s Story – How His Wife’s Faith Brought Him Back After Falling Away

On this episode, Nick Taylor shares how his stubbornness as a teenager and search for fun and freedom pulled him away from the church for many years, until a relationship with his future wife – and her unwavering faith, gave him a glimpse of what true happiness could be. Please share this story with your…

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Ethan Hawkley’s Story – 3 Special Temple Experiences That Strengthened His Faith

On today’s episode, Ethan Hawkley shares three special experiences that he had while visiting the Temple that helped him to know that God was there, and was watching out for him. Please share this with your friends and loved ones, and make sure to subscribe to our channel to hear more amazing and uplifting stories…

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