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Jon Coakley’s Story – A Near Divorce, A Perfect Pairing, and A Tragic Death

With his marriage at the breaking point, Jon Coakley felt completely hopeless. It wasn’t until the perfect pair of missionaries came into his life that he finally felt things were turning around. But when tragedy struck, the future he had envisioned was shaken once again. Join us as we hear how his testimony of the…

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Alisha Coakley’s Story – A Spiritual Visit, Devastating Disease & A Mother’s Love

In this episode, Latter-Day Lights co-host Alisha Coakley, shares her heart-touching story, which includes a visitation from the spirit world, being diagnosed with a tragic disease, and watching her mom make some incredible life changes. You don’t want to miss it!

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Episode 1: How Latter-Day Lights Got Started…

In our pilot episode, Latter-Day Lights creators Scott Brandley and Alisha Coakley are interviewed by their mutual long-time friend Cameron Dailey.  Cameron asks them a series of questions to determine what caused caused Scott and Alisha to create Latter-Day Lights, and what they hope to accomplish. 

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