How He Wrote Vinney Tolman’s Story “The Light After Death”: Lynn Taylor’s Story

After his near death experience, Vinnie Tolman searched for 15 years to find just the right person to write about his near death experience – then he met Lynn Taylor. 

This is the story behind the story.

 Have you ever wondered how embracing spiritual awareness and love can transform your life?

Join us as we sit down with Lynn Taylor, author of The Light After Death, and discuss the personal, spiritual journey that led him to write about Vinney Tolman’s remarkable after-death experience.

During our heartfelt conversation, we delve into the power of love and vulnerability in healing and growth. Lynn shares his profound experience with his son, and the pure love he felt for him, which he believes reflects how Heavenly Father sees each of us.

We also hear from Scott, a former bishop, about the unexpected feeling of love he felt when people shared their struggles with him. Additionally, Alisha opens up about her son’s journey and how leaning on someone has helped him grow stronger.

Lastly, we discuss the importance of recognizing spiritual impressions in our lives. Lynn reveals his journey of learning to recognize these moments and how it has influenced his writing and decision-making process. Through his work on Light After Death, Lynn has witnessed the power of love in writing and the importance of trusting in God’s plan.

So, tune in to uncover the transformative nature of understanding spiritual awareness and embracing love in our lives.

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