Emily Hemmert’s Story – How Her Son’s Battle With Cancer Is Changing Lives In Honduras

In this episode of Latter-Day Lights, Emily shares the true story of how her son’s battle with cancer – and the generosity of the rock band Imagine Dragons – helped to inspire Emily to pay it forward and start a non-profit organization called The Marcovia Project (themarcoviaproject.org) to help impoverished children in Marcovia, Honduras to be able to attend school, and to help men and women receive micro-loans to better themselves and their families.

This is an inspiring story that you don’t want to miss! It shows you how even when you only have a little, you can still do a lot! To see what Emily is doing to help Hondurans in Marcovia, go to https://themarcoviaproject.org

To watch Emily’s story on YouTube, go to: https://youtu.be/9pT8547ndPE

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