LDS Adoption

Adopting 12 Children & Trusting in the Lord: Laurie Everett’s Story

Can you imagine the faith, love, and miracles that come with adopting 12 children, several with disabilities? Join us for an uplifting conversation with Laurie Everett, a remarkable woman with a powerful testimony of trusting the voice of the Lord, and how it’s helped her and her husband to find their eternal family. Laurie’s story…

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The Joy and Blessings of Adopting Baby Elijah: Goldie Well’s Story

In this episode, Goldie Wells shares the story of her family’s journey of adoption, and the inspired series of events that happened to bring baby Elijah into their lives. This is a great story of faith and inspiration that shows how God can guide our lives. *** Please SHARE Goldie’s story and help us spread…

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Finding Hidden Miracles When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned: Chani Barlow’s Story

In this episode, Chani Barlow shares her story of how a devastating car accident, depression, infertility, and vivid dreams of her future children took her life down unexpected paths she never could have possibly imagined. These experiences and many others have helped her to realize that just when our faith dwindles and challenges seem insurmountable,…

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