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Life Lessons Learned From Reuniting 1,000’s of Lost Families: Troy Dunn’s Story

In this episode, Troy Dunn, also known as “The Locator”, has spent most of his life helping people to fulfil one of their greatest wishes – being reunited with their lost loved ones. Having spent many years on TV and in the limelight, Troy has remained a faithful member of the church, and shares several…

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The Incredible Power of Love and How It Can Save Lives: Bob Rees’ Story

In this episode, Bob Rees shares his touching story of growing up in the great depression, being abandoned by his mother as a child, put in foster care, and then rescued by his father when he came back from the war. As he grew up, he joined the church and became a faithful member, having…

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Giving Help & Hope to People in Need: Emily Hemmert’s One-Year Update on The Marcovia Project

On this special episode, we catch up with Emily Hemmert – one of the first guests we ever had on the show – to see how her non-profit, The Marcovia Project, is doing at the one-year mark. Emily shares some incredible stories of help and hope that will  really touch your heart! *** Please SHARE…

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