Word of Wisdom

Her Husband’s Stroke and Embracing the Word of Wisdom: Ali Essig’s Story

In this weeks episode, Ali Essig shares the story of how her husband had a major stroke at only 37 years-old, and how her inspiration to follow the word of wisdom has helped to save her husband’s life and transform her family’s health. Ali, a devoted mother of six and passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition,…

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Alysha Audd’s Story – Childhood Trials, Conversion, Multiple Sclerosis and Faith

In this weeks episode, Alysha Audd discusses some of the difficult trials and challenges she’s faced over the years, including growing up in a home with alcoholism, and being diagnosed with MS at the young age of 21.  She also shares many blessings and opportunities she’s been given, and how her family, friends, and faith…

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Ashly Stone’s Story – From Drugs, Addiction, and Despair to an Eternal Family

From a young age, Ashly unexpectedly found herself caught up in a dark world of drugs and addiction, which held her captive for many years.  At her lowest point, when everyone else had all but given up on her, her dad continued to hold on to hope, and ultimately helped to save her.  Join us…

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