Choosing Joy Amidst War & Tragedy: Michele Green’s Incredible 90-Year Journey

When Michele Green was a little girl living in Vietnam, her town was brutally attacked by escaped convicts from a nearby prison, and most of her family were killed, including her parents.

Now an orphan, Michele’s life looked bleak.  But God had a plan for her that eventually led her to the gospel, and ultimately to the United States.

With her new found faith, Michele got married and raised an amazing family; however, more trials and tragedy waited in the wings, including various bouts with cancer – one of which led to the loss of a son, a tragic car accident that took the life of another, and a debilitating stroke that left her husband incapacitated for 21 years – forcing her to become his primary caregiver while working full-time and raising their 9 children.

And yet, somehow through it all, she was able to find joy in her journey!

As you listen to Michele’s story, you can’t help but be drawn in by her humor and wit, and your heart will be touched as you experience the power of true forgiveness, and the ability to find happiness even in times of overwhelming trials.

You will also meet Michele’s daughter Cammie Harward, who adds additional commentary, insight, and support for her dear mother.

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