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A Tragic Car Accident & Overcoming Incredible Odds Through Faith & Prayer – Shanna Arnold’s Story

When Shanna was 15, she and two friends were in a terrible car accident where her best friend passed away and Shanna was in a coma for three and a half months with bleak prospects of ever recovering. But through the faith, prayers, and blessings of her friends, family, and community, Shanna was able to…

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Navigating Life’s Storms and Finding Hope, Faith, and Redemption: Carl Hovey’s Story

In this episode, Carl Hovey shares several difficult challenges that he has faced throughout his life, from his family losing their home and being forced to live in a tire shed, to his brother unexpectedly dying from cancer as a young boy, to being picked on and bullied to the point that he dropped out…

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Celebrating the Savior Through Music: Andy Lloyd’s Story

In this weeks episode, professional organist and composer Andy Lloyd shares his love and passion for creating beautiful, timeless organ compositions centered around the life, death, and resurrection of the Savior. Andy’s celebrated works have graced the halls of many famous concert halls and cathedrals, from Notre Dame in Paris to his upcoming performance in…

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