Guiding The Youth Towards Positive Mental Heath: Jeff Howard’s Story

Note: This episode discusses various issues that our youth are facing today, including suicide and how to recognize and help those who may be struggling; however, the overall message is positive, and emphasizes faith and hope.


In this episode, Jeff Howard, a high-school counselor discusses the alarming mental state of our youth and the difficult issues and challenges that they face today, along with some positive breakthroughs that he’s had through the power of connection and communication.

Our conversation also discusses the intricate tapestry of spirituality and mental wellness within the LDS community. With Jeff’s guidance, we confront the stigmas and silence that can cloak these issues, shining a light on the importance of open dialogue and the role of resources that can support our children’s journeys.

By embracing the notion that each soul is a treasured child of God, we recognize the power we hold to uplift, heal, and perhaps even save lives through the simple act of sharing a story with a message.

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