The Inspiring Story behind the Song “Savior and Son”: Jared Brandley’s Story

In this Special Christmas Episode, Jared Brandley shares his story of how he came to write and compose the inspirational, heart-touching song “Savior and Son”.

As a Christmas gift, we have created a special music video of Savior and Son for you, and have included it in this podcast episode.

We’ve also included the lyrics below:

Savior and Son

1st Verse
Little Baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, safely nestled in my arms.
I will hold You through the night, I will keep You safe from harm.
Little Baby, when the shepherds came, and knelt beside your manger stall,
You smiled at them with so much love, King of Kings and Lord of All.

Sweet baby boy, your mother’s joy, is full tonight, the stars are bright, and Heaven is near.
Whate’er You do, the trials You pass through, your mother’s love, like God’s above, will always be here.

2nd Verse
As I look into your sleeping face, I wonder what your eyes will see;
Birds and beasts and clouds and olive trees, sunsets on the Sea of Galilee?
The lame will rise, and come, and follow You; the blind will look into your eyes,
You will make the leper whole again, still the waves and calm the skies.


3rd Verse
Someday, You will die upon a cross, a gift to set all mankind free,
Offered freely by a sinless soul, You will rescue even me.
When You go, I know my heart will break, once Your sacrifice is done.
But tonight I’ll hold You close to me, my Savior and Son.

3rd Chorus
Jesus, my child, tender and mild, when You are grown, and I’m alone, though Heaven is near,
Whate’er I do, the trials I pass through, I know your love, like God’s above, will always be here.

Ending Chorus
Through tears and pain, sunshine and rain, Gethsemane, upon the tree, and when your battle’s won,
I’ll still be here, and you’ll still be near, I hope You know, I Love You so, my Savior and Son.
I hope You know, I Love You so, my Savior and Son.

Words and Music Copyright © 2006 Jared C. Brandley


We’d like to give a special thanks to Jared for being willing to share Savior and Son with the world.

We’d also like to thank James Wales for generously donating his recording studio, Ruth James for playing the keyboard, and Jessie Tensmeyer for singing this beautiful song.

To learn more about Savior and Son or Jared’s other Christmas and holiday-centered songs, please email him at Savior and Son sheet music is available for purchase.


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